Snapshots of RVA: Richmond City Hall Observation Deck and Downtown

  • IMG_4635 An American flag was draped from the side of the VCU children's museum, which is under construction. This was Memorial Day weekend.
  • IMG_4638 The view of the Virginia State Capitol and its surrounding buildings from the observation deck.
  • IMG_4657 The view of Broad Street from the observation deck.
  • IMG_4718 This view includes I-95 as it enters the city right next to the Monroe Building, a Virginia governmental tower which is the tallest building in Richmond.
  • IMG_4722 This is the view to the city's east, including Church Hill.
  • IMG_4866 This view includes the U.S. courthouse, which is the curved building.
  • IMG_4868 The view directly west of Richmond, from the observation deck.
  • IMG_4881 The southern part of downtown, from the observation deck.
  • IMG_4917 City Hall, from Broad Street.
  • IMG_4934 The Egyptian Building is part of VCU Medical Center.
  • IMG_4936 A tree next to the Egyptian Building.
  • IMG_4944 This is the White House of the Confederacy, where Jefferson Davis lived and worked.
  • IMG_4964 This is a statue of George Washington outside the Virginia State Capitol.
  • IMG_4983 The U.S. Court of Appeals sits directly in front of the steps of the Virginia State Capitol.
  • IMG_4993 A view of the Virginia State Capitol.
  • IMG_5003 This fountain sits on the grounds of the Virginia State Capitol.
  • IMG_5012 A view of downtown Richmond.

During this trip, I ventured to the top of Richmond’s City Hall, which stands out as one of downtown’s tallest buildings. The observation deck is at the very top of the building, on its 19th floor. From there, you can get a full 360 degree view of the city — as you’ll see in the gallery. It’s a truly remarkable perspective, because you not only see the buildings surrounding City Hall, but also as far as the James River, the trees towering in Chesterfield and Henrico Counties, and even the CBS 6 tower to the west. It’s also pretty remarkable to watch the VCU medflight helicopter take off and land, since VCU Medical Center is right next door and the helipad is on top of one of its buildings. After I came down, I walked around VCU Medical Center’s sprawling campus, and eventually made my way to the Virginia State Capitol, all within a few blocks of each other.

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