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Snapshots of RVA: Downtown, Brown’s Island at Dusk

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I took these pictures during a run along Brown’s Island and through Downtown Richmond at sunset, dusk, and after dark — which was the goal. I wanted to see and photograph these areas as the day ended, having run through the area once before and noticed how nice it is.


Snapshots of RVA: VMFA, Byrd Park

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These are pictures I took on a cloudy/almost rainy day while running through the lawn and gardens at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, as well as through Byrd Park.


Snapshots of RVA: Huguenot Flatwater Park

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These are pictures from a run at Huguenot Flatwater Park, located in South Richmond near Pony Pasture and by the city’s limits with Henrico. A week had passed since a winter storm moved through the region and some of the snow that had fallen was still on the ground — especially on the trails.


Snapshots of RVA: Monument Avenue in the Snow

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I took these pictures along Monument Avenue, in the Museum District and at Byrd Park after a winter snow storm moved through Central Virginia the day before. Several inches of snow had fallen over the course of the previous day and a half, and as can be seen in the pictures, roads were thick with […]


Snapshots of RVA: Dominion Gardenfest of Lights

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I took these pictures during the last days of the Dominion Gradenfest of Lights, a special display at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden in Henrico. The gardens are decorated with hundreds of Christmas lights, and there are some special displays set up within the gardens as well.


Special ‘Snapshots’ Post: DC at Christmas

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These are pictures I took in December 2015 to see the National Christmas Tree in Washington, D.C. I was also able to see the National Menorah during the trip. Once the sun set, both looked spectacular.


Snapshots of RVA: Virginia Aviation Museum

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These pictures are from a visit to the Virginia Aviation Museum, located near the Richmond International Airport in Henrico County. The museum has a large collection of historic planes from the World War II era, as well as modern ones including a fighter jet and a supersonic aircraft. There is also a picture of the […]


Snapshots of RVA: Grand Illumination Night and Jefferson Park

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I took these photos on the night of the Grand Illumination in Richmond: this is the ceremony in which the Christmas Tree in downtown’s James Center is lit up. In addition, decorative lights placed on several downtown buildings are lit. All the lights remain up for the duration of the Christmas season. I took several […]


Snapshots of RVA: Tredegar, Richmond at Night

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I took these pictures on a rainy day while visiting several points of interest in Richmond. First, I visited Tredegar, which was a major arms factory during the Civil War. It is now a Civil War museum. I also visited the Virginia War Memorial, which honors the lives of Virginians killed in action. Finally, I […]


Special ‘Snapshots’ Post: Skyline Drive (October)

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I took these pictures during a trip to Skyline Drive in the Shenandoah National Park on Halloween 2015. I wanted to see the fall colors at the mountains, which I had heard are a spectacular sight: and indeed they were. I went at the perfect time — the colors were a little past peak. Many […]