Snapshots of RVA: Brown’s Island, September 2014

  • Bridge and flags One of several bridges at Brown's Island.
  • Bridge with swans Several swans have made Brown's Island home.
  • Bridge panoramic A panoramic perspective of the James River.
  • Bridge over canal One of several bridges crossing the canal at Brown's Island.
  • Bridge and sun The afternoon sun over the James River.
  • Buildings and bridge The Federal Reserve building is a prominent feature of Richmond's skyline, as it is here, from the perspective of Brown's Island.
  • Canal panoramic One of the bridges at Brown's Island.
  • James and Bridge The Manchester Bridge over the James River.
  • RVA downtown and James The James River in the foreground and the Richmond skyline are divided by the CSX train tracks.

For the inaugural post of Snapshots of RVA, I took a trip to Brown’s Island Park near downtown Richmond in September 2014. I was originally looking for the bridge that runs from there to Belle Isle, but I didn’t realize that the bridge I was looking for — the pedestrian walkway under the Lee Bridge — was further to the west. Instead, I explored Brown’s Island and snapped these pictures.

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