Snapshots of RVA: Petersburg National Battlefield Park, September 2014

  • IMG_2772 A cannon near the entrance of Petersburg National Battlefield Park.
  • IMG_2781 A display of several Union cannons near the front of the park.
  • IMG_2783 A close-up of one of the previous cannons, with its sign.
  • IMG_2787 Another close-up of one of the cannons near the park's front entrance..
  • IMG_2803 This fancy cannon is along the trail within the park itself.
  • IMG_2815 This is a view of one of the batteries at the park. Several cannons were placed here.
  • IMG_2820 Another view of the battery.
  • IMG_2835 A view of the trail beyond the previous battery.
  • IMG_2842 A view of the trail on the way back to the battery.
  • IMG_2846 Another view of the previous battery.
  • IMG_2854 A large grassy expanse covers the area between the park entrance and the battery.
  • IMG_2868 This is the trail and the grassy area between the park entrance. The battery is in the distance.
  • IMG_2872 This is the road leading away from the park entrance.

These are pictures from a trip to Petersburg National Battlefield Park, which I visited in September 2014. The battle that took place here was decisive in the Civil War, as the Confederacy’s loss at Petersburg led to the later evacuation of Richmond, the capital of the Confederacy. I came in at the eastern front visitor center and saw battery 5 before bad weather made me leave.


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