Snapshots of RVA: Virginia Capitol Square

  • IMG_3758 This is the Virginia State Capitol. It's on a big hill in downtown Richmond.
  • IMG_3764 This is the unassuming Governor's Mansion. It's a little tough to find -- it's on Capitol Square hidden behind the trees you see.
  • IMG_3768 This is the a dining room in the Governor's Mansion. This pic was taken during a tour in October, which you can tell by the decor.
  • IMG_3769 This is the Governor's Mansion "back yard." It's some rare green space in the middle of downtown Richmond.

This is a collection of pictures from around the Virginia Capitol Square, where the Virginia Capitol and the Governor’s Mansion are found. The Virginia Capitol houses the Virginia House of Delegates and the Virginia Senate, while the Virginia governor lives in the Governor’s Mansion (surprise). History factoid: the Virginia Capitol was designed by Thomas Jefferson and housed the Confederate Legislature during the Civil War. However, the Confederate president did not live in the Governor’s Masnion — the White House of the Confederacy is a separate building oddly located in the middle of the Virginia Commonwealth University MCV campus, which is a hospital.

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