Snapshots of RVA: East Floodwall

  • IMG_5878 Hotel John Marshall.
  • IMG_5883 The sun rises over Richmond, from Brown's Island.
  • IMG_5892 The James River from Brown's Island.
  • IMG_5900 The sunrise from Brown's Island.
  • IMG_5916 View from the Mayo Bridge.
  • IMG_5927 The Mayo Bridge from the Floodwall.
  • IMG_5936 Downtown Richmond from the Floodwall.
  • IMG_5945 The Mayo Bridge and downtown from the Floodwall.
  • IMG_5954 Downtown Richmond from the Floodwall.
  • IMG_5969 The Southern States silos.
  • IMG_5991 The Manchester Courthouse.
  • IMG_5996 Downtown Richmond from the Manchester Bridge.
  • IMG_6015 The sun rises between the Dominion Building and the new McGuireWoods building.
  • IMG_6042 The Dominion Building.
  • IMG_6049 View over the Downtown Expressway from 5th Street.
  • IMG_6052 Manchester from the James River bank.
  • IMG_6060 Downtown from the James River bank.
  • IMG_6065 The Virginia War Memorial from Tredegar Street.

Having already seen the west side of the Manchester Floodwall, I decided to check out the east side for this trip. I began at Brown’s Island as the sun rose. I then headed toward Hull Street, crossed into Manchester, and headed east along the outside of the wall, facing the James River. The walk provided a different view of the river and the city I hadn’t seen before. I reached the area of I-95 and turned back toward Hull Street, but this time I walked along the inside of the Floodwall, so I could see the iconic Southern States silos. They’re very much a part of the Richmond skyline, though they’re often not pictured since the site is on the Manchester side of the river across from downtown.

As I was in Manchester, I decided to snap a few pictures of the Manchester Courthouse, which has an unexpected bit of appeal to it. The building stands out among its surroundings and even looks out of place since the area has a lot of former-factories-turned-lofts and is overall more residential.

After that, I crossed the Manchester Bridge back into downtown. I captured a few pictures of the Dominion Building, which is also a notable part o the Richmond skyline. I had the luck of being there as the sun rose and appeared between the Dominion Building and the new McGuireWoods building. The sight was pretty neat. Finally, I ended along the bank of the James near Tredegar.

Also pictured is the Hotel John Marshall building, which stands out as one of the tall buildings in the city with its ‘Hotel John Marshall’ lettering atop it. I took this picture during another trip.

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