Snapshots of RVA: Dogwood Dell and Pumphouse Park

  • The Carillon
  • IMG_6245 The Carillon
  • IMG_6267 The Carillon
  • IMG_6273 Point of view from the front of The Carillon.
  • IMG_6286 The Carillon
  • IMG_6319 The Pumphouse.
  • IMG_6335 The Carillon
  • IMG_6338 The Carillon
  • IMG_6365 The James River.
  • IMG_6367 The Boulevard Bridge.
  • IMG_6374
  • IMG_6391
  • IMG_6392
  • IMG_6416
  • IMG_6419
  • IMG_6421
  • IMG_6429
  • IMG_6433
  • IMG_6437

This trip began with plans to see Dogwood Dell, but I soon discovered there was more to the area than that. Hidden behind the Carillon is the Dogwood Dell trail. After walking along it for a while, I discovered Pumphouse Park, which is another separate park. That’s where the Pumphouse is, and the building was actually used as a venue for special events many decades ago.

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