Special ‘Snapshots’ Post: Hampton Roads

  • IMG_7982
  • IMG_7965
  • IMG_7908
  • IMG_7899
  • IMG_7888
  • IMG_7859
  • IMG_7840
  • IMG_7825
  • IMG_7801
  • IMG_7778 A real anchor is in front of Nauticus.
  • IMG_7776 The Homecoming, at Riverfront Park.
  • IMG_7743
  • IMG_7730
  • IMG_7727
  • IMG_7719
  • IMG_7693
  • IMG_7699
  • IMG_8017 Battleship Wisconsin.
  • IMG_7682
  • IMG_7653
  • IMG_7635
  • IMG_7585
  • IMG_7560
  • IMG_7548
  • IMG_7527
  • IMG_7782
  • IMG_7509

I took these pictures during a trip to Hampton Roads in October 2015. Hampton Roads consists of several cities, including Norfolk and Virginia Beach — the foci of this special post. Several pictures are of the Battleship Wisconsin, a real warship that saw action during World War II and the Korean War. I also visited Riverfront Park, right next to the site of the Battleship Wisconsin, which is where the statue The Homecoming is located. Finally, I visited the Virginia Beach Boardwalk.

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