Snapshots of RVA: Monument Avenue in the Snow

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I took these pictures along Monument Avenue, in the Museum District and at Byrd Park after a winter snow storm moved through Central Virginia the day before. Several inches of snow had fallen over the course of the previous day and a half, and as can be seen in the pictures, roads were thick with the accumulation the day after. They made for a spectacular, albeit difficult to navigate, vista.

Snapshots of RVA: Dominion Gardenfest of Lights

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  • IMG_0483
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I took these pictures during the last days of the Dominion Gradenfest of Lights, a special display at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden in Henrico. The gardens are decorated with hundreds of Christmas lights, and there are some special displays set up within the gardens as well.

Special ‘Snapshots’ Post: DC at Christmas

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  • IMG_0351

These are pictures I took in December 2015 to see the National Christmas Tree in Washington, D.C. I was also able to see the National Menorah during the trip. Once the sun set, both looked spectacular.

Snapshots of RVA: Virginia Aviation Museum

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  • IMG_0134

These pictures are from a visit to the Virginia Aviation Museum, located near the Richmond International Airport in Henrico County. The museum has a large collection of historic planes from the World War II era, as well as modern ones including a fighter jet and a supersonic aircraft. There is also a picture of the airport itself.

Snapshots of RVA: Grand Illumination Night and Jefferson Park

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I took these photos on the night of the Grand Illumination in Richmond: this is the ceremony in which the Christmas Tree in downtown’s James Center is lit up. In addition, decorative lights placed on several downtown buildings are lit. All the lights remain up for the duration of the Christmas season. I took several at Jefferson Park, which has a great view of the skyline. Several others were from Radio Hill, which directly faces downtown.

Snapshots of RVA: Tredegar, Richmond at Night

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  • IMG_9511

I took these pictures on a rainy day while visiting several points of interest in Richmond. First, I visited Tredegar, which was a major arms factory during the Civil War. It is now a Civil War museum. I also visited the Virginia War Memorial, which honors the lives of Virginians killed in action. Finally, I took pictures of the Richmond skyline after the sun set.

Special ‘Snapshots’ Post: Skyline Drive (October)

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  • IMG_8904

I took these pictures during a trip to Skyline Drive in the Shenandoah National Park on Halloween 2015. I wanted to see the fall colors at the mountains, which I had heard are a spectacular sight: and indeed they were. I went at the perfect time — the colors were a little past peak. Many trees had already shed all their leaves, but easily more than half still had them.

Snapshots of RVA: Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

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  • IMG_8484

I visited Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, just outside of Richmond in Henrico County, at the end of October. I was looking to see the fall colors at the garden and there was quite a bit of it. One of the most stunning scenes there was an area that was almost completely covered in leaves — the pictures of that area are near the beginning of the slideshow. One of the pictures shows a bench basically surrounded completely by leaves. I also found a trail where trees had turned yellow, and some had turned red. There were still many flowers still in bloom.

Special ‘Snapshots’ Post: Hampton Roads

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  • IMG_7965
  • IMG_7908
  • IMG_7899
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  • IMG_7859
  • IMG_7840
  • IMG_7825
  • IMG_7801
  • IMG_7778 A real anchor is in front of Nauticus.
  • IMG_7776 The Homecoming, at Riverfront Park.
  • IMG_7743
  • IMG_7730
  • IMG_7727
  • IMG_7719
  • IMG_7693
  • IMG_7699
  • IMG_8017 Battleship Wisconsin.
  • IMG_7682
  • IMG_7653
  • IMG_7635
  • IMG_7585
  • IMG_7560
  • IMG_7548
  • IMG_7527
  • IMG_7782
  • IMG_7509

I took these pictures during a trip to Hampton Roads in October 2015. Hampton Roads consists of several cities, including Norfolk and Virginia Beach — the foci of this special post. Several pictures are of the Battleship Wisconsin, a real warship that saw action during World War II and the Korean War. I also visited Riverfront Park, right next to the site of the Battleship Wisconsin, which is where the statue The Homecoming is located. Finally, I visited the Virginia Beach Boardwalk.

Snapshots of RVA: Forest Hill Park

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  • IMG_6998
  • IMG_7002
  • IMG_7036
  • IMG_7057
  • IMG_7069
  • IMG_7074
  • IMG_7086
  • IMG_7136
  • IMG_7141

I began this trip at Dogwood Dell and headed south along the Boulevard Bridge. I ran along Riverside Drive until I reached where it meets Forest Hill Park. I circled the park a few times before returning back. This was still early in the fall season so most of the trees still looked green, but there were some hints of the colors to come.