Snapshots of RVA: Metro Richmond Zoo and Libby Hill Park

  • IMG_4409 A peacock chills at the Metro Richmond Zoo.
  • IMG_4418 A peacock chills at the Metro Richmond Zoo.
  • IMG_4441 Bison have an exhibit at the Richmond Metro Zoo.
  • IMG_4443 This goat was also in the Bison exhibit.
  • IMG_4461 There were about six or seven camels in this exhibit.
  • IMG_4473 A large fountain lake at the Richmond Metro Zoo.
  • IMG_4487 The rhino shared its space with several other animals.
  • IMG_4531 The giraffe exhibit is a big attraction since guests can feed and touch them.
  • IMG_4548 There is also a large flamingo exhibit.
  • IMG_4561 This is the view of the former Lucky Strike factory from Libby Hill.
  • IMG_4574
  • IMG_4617 This is the view that got Richmond its name.
  • IMG_4630 This is the view of the downtown skyline from Libby Hill Park.

These are pictures from a day’s trip around the city. It began at Metro Richmond Zoo, located in Chesterfield County — that’s south of Richmond. Apart from the several interesting animals there (some of which you’ll see in the gallery) the zoo had a lot of picturesque areas that were very neat, too. You’ll see those as well. After it got hot and I left, I went to Libby Hill Park — that’s in Richmond proper, at the eastern part of the city. Libby Hill Park is one of the high points of the city, and you get a great view of the downtown Richmond skyline from there, as well as of the James River and Rocketts Landing. William Byrd, who founded Richmond, actually stood on the part of the park overlooking the James and said the view reminded him of the view of the River Thames from Richmond Hill back in London — hence, the city’s name.

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