Special ‘Snapshots’ Post: UCI Road World Champsionships

  • IMG_6716 The Lee Monument on Monument Avenue.
  • IMG_6752 Franklin Street on VCU's campus.
  • IMG_6786 Broad Street.
  • IMG_6811 Near the starting line on Broad Street.
  • IMG_6847 Broad and Belvidere.
  • IMG_6853 Broad and Belvidere.
  • IMG_6879 Monument Avenue.
  • IMG_6891 Monument Avenue.

In September 2015, The Union Cycliste Internationale had its championship race in Richmond. The week-long event included several races leading up to the men’s and women’s championship races that weekend. I was able to catch the racers along the course in several spots. Those included the starting line on Broad Street in Downtown, at the intersection of Broad and Belvidere, Franklin Street on VCU’s campus, and on Monument Avenue.

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